New Programs, Updates and Earn Cash

My platform game Simanji is now available whilst my Planmaker is still in development. I hope to release it shortly. I have also added a new program for those that have some difficulty using a mouse. It's a media player which scrolls through folders and options, allowing you to click when you see something you want to view, such as a folder of pictures or listen to some mp3 tracks or wav files. The mouse click doesn't need to be in any specific place, you just need to be able to click, hence the program is called Left Click Media Player.

I've made some updates to my car game, Rally Cross, plus I have added 8 new cars.

You can now earn money by referring folks to Grey Olltwit Software with my new affiliate scheme. I pay $4 (2 GBP) for every new sign up through an affiliates link. I create your web page on my site and pay each time you refer someone. No waiting months for a payout.

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