Free Webmaster Resources

I'm currently working on a page listing about 90 search engines that you can submit your website/s to for free. Plus I'm building a handy little tool to help you with all the copying and pasting. This I shall add to the page as a free download. There is a bit more work to do yet but I hope to release it shortly.

There are of course sites that claim to auto submit your website to hundreds of search engines. Some are free and some cost. However, I have found that an increasing number of search engines now require some sort of manual validation, such as filling in a box with letter/numbers from a picture. This apparently, in an effort to reduce 'robotic' submissions. Hence, it seems to me that a manual submission is perhaps the way to go. Well for the moment at least.

Also, those hundreds of search engines these sites claim to submit to, contain a large number of link sites, which apparently according to some experts, are a complete waste of time submitting to.

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