Plan Maker, Strongest Link and Fractions

My Plan Maker program for making simple house plans, street direction maps etc., has now been completed and is available here. The search engine program I mentioned below is still under development but mainly just needs some cosmetic tidying up before release as freeware.

I'm working on an improved version of my Strongest Link program, to include larger text and the ability to change the font etc., and maybe include some small graphics.

I have long been asked for a program about Fractions and I am now pleased to announce that I have made the basis of a program which can display fractions in a format that I am happy with. This was the stumbling block for me before, when trying to create a program about this area of maths. I used to dread fractions at school and I'm sure I'm not alone here, so anything I can make to help students of today, I'm hoping will prove to be useful. It will take a while to develop into a finished program but hopefully I can make it available in the near future.

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