Earn $100 Bucks

Here's the rub. I'm a software author, not a marketing or advertising guy and clearly I haven't got a clue how to sign up members for my website.

I receive over 2,000 unique visitors to my software website every day. I have hundreds and hundreds of genuine testimonials from ordinary folks who reckon that my programs are really great. However, I am lucky if just one person a day signs up to be a lifetime member. Notice Lifetime, not monthly or yearly membership. I've tried the last two plus every idea I can possibly think of and the only one that gets any kind of result is Lifetime membership. So you can see that my conversion rate is a little on the poor side!! i.e. 1:2000. Or should I expect this, I don't know.

My offer is to any bright person who comes up with a sensible idea as to how I can market my membership plans. If I haven't tried an idea before and I like the sound of it, I will try out one per week, taken in order of the comments made here (if I get any...ha, ha). If that idea doubles my normal membership intake for the week, then $100 buckeroos is yours. Double, sounds a bit daunting but I would have thought I should be signing up more members than one a day, so surely 2 a day is not beyond the realms of possibility. Or am I living in dreamland and one a day is pretty good. Let me know.

How can you trust me to pay you $100 if your idea works? Well, you'll just have to. I'm an Englishman and the sort of guy that goes back into a shop if he realises he's been given too much change... you know the sort....stupid... yes that's me! Gullible, soft hearted are other labels that have been attributed to me, well the nicer ones anyway.

All you have to do is take a look at my website, www.greyolltwit.com , and tell me what I could do to sign up more members. Is my sign up too confusing, should I have all my plans on one page etc., I don't know...you tell me....pleeeeaaase.

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