Earn Extra Cash With Bloggerwave

I'm trying to make a reasonable living on the net with my software and other projects as explained in a previous post below. So I am always open to new ideas and one that's potentially an earner, is even more appealing. I recently came across Bloggerwave where you can earn cash by writing reviews for companies on their products or services. I enjoy writing, so thought I would give it a whirl.

The sign up was really easy and all was approved very quickly, which to be honest is a bit refreshing. They are, however, quite new, so the offers available are somewhat limited but the site and the concept looks set to grow and grow.

So if you have a blog, why not give Bloggerwave a try.


Anonymous said...


Bloggerwave hasn't paid me yet (30+ days) and won't return my e-mails asking why and when I can expect it. I wrote it up at the website linked through my name above.

Good luck with your monetization efforts. I've links to reputable companies at my blog, so if you haven't checked them out yet, there's a couple I can recommend on the basis of them actually paying us!


Grey Olltwit said...

Thanks Tim. I'll take a look.

Grey Olltwit said...

Sorry Tim, but they just paid me so the post remains.