New Program - UK Parish Finder

I have today added the following software program to my website.

UK Parish Finder - A genealogy program to help with locating Parishes in the UK

When searching for information on United Kingdom relatives or finding out your roots through tracing your family tree (genealogy) you will no doubt come across the seemingly endless number of parishes that used to exist in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

A parish is an area covered by a church or churches in the UK. There can be many parishes within a District and many Districts can exist within a County. The four UK countries are split into these counties. All of these have moved their boundaries over the years and so finding an old parish where the births, deaths and marriages records are kept can be very daunting. Many parishes still exist today but old records often only show the parish name. You then have the task of finding where in the UK that parish might have been and where the records might be kept now. Confused already? This is why I made the program, to help in searching all the old parish names, to find out which District, County and Country they are in.

More details and download at

Oh Dear Tony Please, Please Piss On Me Next

After completely ruining our country and our relationship with the rest of the world, Mr Tony Blair had to give one more final stream of hot piss in our faces before he left as prime minister. The knighthood given to Salman Rushdie is a complete insult not just to the Islamic world but also to us poor bloody English people. This bastard insulted the Islamic World back in 1988 with his book the Satanic Verses and Iran issued a fatwa (death threat) against him. Why the bloody hell did the islamic world not carry it out rather than their extremists killing thousands of innocent people. If truth be known this book and this evil man, was much to blame for the huge increase in terrorism since 1988 and yet our Government rewards him with a bloody knighthood. Plus God knows how many hundreds of thousands of pounds were spent (probably millions) on police protection for this slime ball for years after this death threat.

This creature has done absolutely nothing for our Country. It should be Salman Rushdie RIH (Rot In Hell) not Sir Salman Rushdie.

Turn Back To English

I'm working in Romania but I don't want the top bar of my blog to be in Romanian. Fair enough I suppose I could live with it being in Romanian before I log in, as being English we have to put up with a complete dilution of our language and lifestyle. It's not my fault the common language chosen has been English but why do we have to give up everything in favour of foreigners all the bloody time. As English people we have no rights at all in the World. The race discrimination act doesn't even apply to us.

After I log in I want ENGLISH please, because I am ENGLISH, not american, hindu, pakistani, malaysian, chinese, romanian or any other bloody nationality that wants to bugger our language completely.

Spammers - Spotty Jerks or The Big Boys?

Isn't it odd that whenever a new big product comes out, all the tossers who send spam suddenly decide they want to promote it. The latest is Adobe's "Creative Suite 3 Premium" and prior to that it was "Windows Vista...ready to download". I find it hard to believe that all the spotty little jerks who jam up everyone's inbox suddenly decide these are the things to try and flog today. decide.

Video Chat

Live Video Chat is fast becoming the preferred method to communicate with friends and family. Apart from being far cheaper than a phone call, it's great to see the other person you are chatting with.

To get on this fast moving bandwagon, you firstly need some good software to video chat with. Secondly, to live video chat you need someone to talk to. If like me, you have few friends, then try one of the many internet friend finding sites.

Once you done the above, then you may find that your increasing circle of friends, may also increase the number of rubbish emails you get in your inbox. Not because they give out your email address, but it is a sad fact that once you publicise your address in any way, this is invariably picked up by those that wish to send you emails advertising their products or services. These are usually ones that we would never be interested in, in the first place, hence their devious methods to get your interest. To protect yourself from this junk, you need to arm your computer with some good spy ware protection like SpyBot and also good anti-virus software e.g. AVG. Both are free and excellent.

Happy video chatting......Grey

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