Oh Dear Tony Please, Please Piss On Me Next

After completely ruining our country and our relationship with the rest of the world, Mr Tony Blair had to give one more final stream of hot piss in our faces before he left as prime minister. The knighthood given to Salman Rushdie is a complete insult not just to the Islamic world but also to us poor bloody English people. This bastard insulted the Islamic World back in 1988 with his book the Satanic Verses and Iran issued a fatwa (death threat) against him. Why the bloody hell did the islamic world not carry it out rather than their extremists killing thousands of innocent people. If truth be known this book and this evil man, was much to blame for the huge increase in terrorism since 1988 and yet our Government rewards him with a bloody knighthood. Plus God knows how many hundreds of thousands of pounds were spent (probably millions) on police protection for this slime ball for years after this death threat.

This creature has done absolutely nothing for our Country. It should be Salman Rushdie RIH (Rot In Hell) not Sir Salman Rushdie.

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