Google Algorithm Exposed

The Google algorithm is shrouded in mystery when in fact it is very simple. It doesn't matter what content you have on your page. It is only about who links to you, their relevance and their importance. You can have the best website in the world and have thousands of inbound links and still appear much lower down than a crap site that has a handful of links. How? Well the secret is that the site with a handful of links has a couple from US government .gov sites (not UK government as Google doesn't see them as important) and a couple of links from US university .edu sites (same again with Google, UK universities are not important). Plus these links to you must contain the keywords you want to rank highly for.

I can hear the howls of derision from SEOs everywhere. OK so you want proof. Search on Google for the keywords 'educational software'. Several results on Page 1 do not contain this keyword phrase, 2 have little content and 1 has not content at all, in fact that 1 site says 'momentarily under construction' and has done since 2003. Sadly you cannot verify the back links so well as Google hides some of its backlink results (i.e. .edu and .gov links) 'to protect webmasters' according to Matt Cutts (yes Matt we belieeeeeeve you. Well you are the Holy Ghost after all).

Everyone with a website can, and probably does, show up on Page 1 of SERPs for keywords i.e. try typing in your full name or some contact information that appears on your website and you should see yourself. The difficult bit is showing up for keywords that are searched for in much bigger numbers. With other search engines following Google with this US University and Government favoured algorithm (now do you see why Google became so popular and got a ton of investment!!!) I cannot see the situation getting any better for genuine optimisation efforts, you just need those 'important', relevant, inbound links.

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