Arrogant Madonna Booed In Bucharest

Madonna stopped her concert half way through in Bucharest last night to launch into one of her 'human rights' speeches. Many of the musicians and dancers she had employed were gypsies and the crowd politely applauded the fact but when she started on about how sad she was that the gypsies, or roma as they are officially known, were badly discriminated against in this part of Europe, the boos and whistling started. She should be thoroughly ashamed of herself. Not only was most of the concert badly mimed but she grossly offended the Romanian people with her arrogant remarks.

I am an Englishman living in Bucharest and Romania is the only country in the world where gypsies are tolerated. They are a nomadic people originally from India and it is an inbuilt part of their culture to beg and steal. Often to the extent of disfiguring themselves or children (often not their own) to gain pity and more money. I have seen this with my own eyes. Small children begging between moving cars, have to take all the money they receive to the adult gypsy who is controlling them. No charity on earth will ever break this and yet these do gooders believe that it is Romanians who make their lives so poor.

Remember, every other European nation has sent thousands of gypsies 'home' to Romania, the only country who will have them. Europe should be grateful to Romania not patronising to them. And as for Madonna, most people paid between a weeks and a months wages to see her perform and she provided them with a mostly recorded performance, including mainly dance which most could not even see. Shame on you.

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