Arrogant Madonna Booed In Bucharest

Madonna stopped her concert half way through in Bucharest last night to launch into one of her 'human rights' speeches. Many of the musicians and dancers she had employed were gypsies and the crowd politely applauded the fact but when she started on about how sad she was that the gypsies, or roma as they are officially known, were badly discriminated against in this part of Europe, the boos and whistling started. She should be thoroughly ashamed of herself. Not only was most of the concert badly mimed but she grossly offended the Romanian people with her arrogant remarks.

I am an Englishman living in Bucharest and Romania is the only country in the world where gypsies are tolerated. They are a nomadic people originally from India and it is an inbuilt part of their culture to beg and steal. Often to the extent of disfiguring themselves or children (often not their own) to gain pity and more money. I have seen this with my own eyes. Small children begging between moving cars, have to take all the money they receive to the adult gypsy who is controlling them. No charity on earth will ever break this and yet these do gooders believe that it is Romanians who make their lives so poor.

Remember, every other European nation has sent thousands of gypsies 'home' to Romania, the only country who will have them. Europe should be grateful to Romania not patronising to them. And as for Madonna, most people paid between a weeks and a months wages to see her perform and she provided them with a mostly recorded performance, including mainly dance which most could not even see. Shame on you.


Anonymous said...

Great post!

Paul said...

It's very distressing to hear an "Englishman" spout such vitriolic and racist comments. Maybe you should actually learn more about the Roma before disparaging them. You think that just because you live in Romania you are an expert on the Roma's but based on your ignorant post nothing could be farther from the truth.

Madonna was 100% correct in her statement and it needed to be said, especially in Romania. I find it very telling that the only crowd to boo Madonna when she made her comments was the crowd in Romania. Romania's in general are very ignorant and barbaric when it comes to their feelings and treatment of Roma's over the years. Your attempt to claim otherwise is uninformed and ridiculous.

Why don't you spend some time with Roma people and then make an educated and informed opinion? I mean really, had I not known any better, I would've assumed you were an American.

Grey Olltwit said...

Very interesting Paul that you do not provide access to your profile, deciding instead to hide behind your pathetic red clenched fist.

I have lived with and spoken with Roma people and I have Roma friends, so your comments only show your own ignorance about the situation here in Romania. Talking to them, they firmly believe that it is not wrong to take something that doesn't originally belong to them or to ask for money from those who to them appear to have too much. It is in their culture to steal but they don't see it as stealing as we put it. They believe an object left or lost by someone else was no longer meant to be in their possession.

I asked one guy with horrific burns on his arm how it happened. He covered it with hot tar then peeled off the tar complete with his skin. 'More money' he beamed.

Being a nomadic people their culture also makes them feel very uncomfortable in what we would call basic accommodation. Some have built Palaces but do not live in them, preferring to live outside in the back garden.

Outside Romania there appears to me, to be much, much more discrimination and bad treatment of Roma, illustrated by the fact that most European nations have expelled many thousands back to Romania. But they tell me they quite enjoy the free air trips home, then they get another forged passport and do it all again.

Get your facts straight Paul, before calling others racists. If you had any guts at all, you would apologise for your own racist comments about Romanians.

pebicicleta said...

Madonna was wrong in her statement. The idea was not bad, but she should rephrase a little bit, because she's not God and i bet she has no idea about Roma's situation here. The truth is we should do more to help them, but they should want us to help them. Romanian are ignorant and barbaric? The only crowed to boo Madonna was the crowd in Romania? So what? You have to bear in mind that Madonna is not Michael Jackson :). Moreover she went to Bulgaria, and said nothing about the Roma's. Please take into consideration when blaming the Romanian crowed that they are frustrated, because there are countries where they go and people look weird at them and guess who's to blame for this? Are the Roma's ignorant and barbaric when it comes to Romanian's feelings and treatment over the years?

Paul said...

Wow, so much to dispute I don't even know where to start.
First of all let me give you some info behind my statements. I've also lived in Romania in the past (for 3 years) and have visited there many more times. I have many Romanian friends (who by the way agree with me) and also many Roma friends. My statements about Romania's treatment of Roma's is not racist, it's fact. Fact based on my experiences in Romania as well as the experiences of my friends there, again both Romanian and Roma.

Anyone trying to argue that Roma'a are treated good in any country are just absolutely ridiculous. The EU's own report on this subject stated, "Roma are one of the largest ethnic minorities in the EU, but too often they are Europe's forgotten citizens. They face persistent discrimination and far-reaching social exclusion. The EU and Member States have a joint responsibility to end this situation. We have the tools to do the job – now we need to use them more effectively."

77% of Europeans are of the opinion that being Roma is a disadvantage in society, on a par with being disabled (79%)." - again this isn't my opinion it's the EU's.

Romania has implemented education "assistance" to Roma's over the years but it's a small drop in the bucket and doesn't begin to address the issues that affect the Roma's on a daily basis. During my time in Romania I came to the defense of the Roma people more times than I can count when speaking about them to the Romania's I met. I found widespread angry, animosity and hatred towards them.

I eventually met several Romanian's I became good friends with that had an enlightened and compassionate view of the Roma's but they are the exception and not the rule. FAR FROM IT.

Madonna did a great thing bringing attention to the plight of the Roma people world wide and I reiterate that it wasn't just in Romania but in EVERY country she has performed in. She also didn't single out Romania. If Romanian's are upset with her for what she said then that's their problem. The truth hurts and many times people don't like to hear it.

If you need further proof of what Madonna was saying read this recently released article...

Oh and one more thing. My profile isn't hidden. I don't have one or feel the need for one. If you want to know something about me, just ask.

have a great day!

Grey Olltwit said...

Well Paul, you and I have obviously met very different Roma and Romanians. I never said that the Roma were not discriminated against, just that it wasn't nearly so bad in Romania today as it is in other EU countries. The article you site supports that fact with not a single example of violence against Roma in Romania. However, I'm not saying it doesn't happen here, of course it does and it is abhorrent, as is any kind of violence or discrimination against anyone.

Romania doesn't have the funds to do proper welfare here but they are at least trying to address the problem. Of course it will never be as quick as we would want it to be or even enough but isn't the same true of any government. Romania now has Roma representation in Parliament and the largest community of Roma in and around Craiova have a Roma mayor.

Maybe I'm wrong in what I have learnt from my own experiences here based on living in Bucharest since 2004 and visiting Craiova quite a few times. Is it possible that things have improved somewhat since you were here last?

silvia said...

I don't like it when people like you Paul start talking about Roma's like they're good people...I live in Romania since I was born in 1988, and I must say with all sincerity that Roma's do not deserve rights. They cheat, lie, steal, kill, they think they rule this country. They have the money, they have the gold, they have everything, and nothing was earned, all of it was stolen. Now , be careful of what you are saying, cause, there are indeed the Roma's that live like nomads and make pots and stuff which they sell to earn money. Those are the ones that play fair...And don't say they're discriminated, because when they're born, their own family teaches them to hate us. They have places for free in schools, but do you see them going? No, they don't care about schools, they learn how to cheat and steal at a younger age. So if you have met one or two Roma's that are probably a bit different, don't think you have met them all.