EU Referendum: Are We Being Fair To Our European Partners?

For those that wish to remain in the EU, I would ask the question, are we being fair to our European partners?

Since the time we joined, the UK more than any other EU member, has historically whinged and moaned about the terms and conditions of membership. Think about it. If you were a member of a local club and one member went to the committee and said, “I'm not sure I will be attending every monthly meeting, could I have a partial refund of my Annual Subscription?” The committee reluctantly agrees to such a refund. At the next meeting the member asks the committee, “I find the chairs in this hall to be very uncomfortable, do you think I could have a special padded chair just for me?” The committee, already frustrated by this person, agrees to provide a cushion just for this member. At the next meeting, the same member asks, “I have difficulty seeing the literature that you hand out, could I have a special lamp over my chair, to see it better?” The committee doesn't agree to a lamp but provides the member with a torch.

Don't you think that all the other members will be getting pretty fed up with this person? Why should he get special treatment?

It is highly unlikely the UK will ever accept the Euro as our currency, which is one of the requirements for being a full member and therefore on the 'top table' as so well described by Frederick Forsyth in the video below. It is also highly unlikely we will ever be part of the 'Schengen' free movement zone, another full member requirement.

There are so many more examples of where we have opted out, vetoed or simply asked for money to be refunded to us by the EU, that we will never become full members and therefore never have a proper say in how the EU evolves. So are we being fair to our EU partners, by holding them back from their ultimate goal of a unified EU state, with one currency and one government?

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