Brexit - Both Campaigns Caught With Their Trousers Down!

It has become clear to me that just a few days after the historic referendum result where the UK voted to Leave the EU, both campaign sides were really caught with their trousers down. Neither side really expected us to vote to leave. Even Farage said just a few hours before the result that his 'pals' in the city money markets had done an extensive survey which gave the Remain camp the win with a comfortable margin. The bookmakers got it wrong, the money markets got it wrong, the vast majority of the polls got it wrong.

Even Boris was caught out. As the celebrity front to the lacklustre leave campaign, it seemed obvious to me that Cameron must have offered him a Cabinet post if he led the Leave campaign and kept it half hearted, so the stupid public would be so afraid by the Remain's scaremongering they would vote accordingly. Whose stupid now? I'm sure both sides behind closed doors on Friday morning screamed "Oh shit!!!! what do we do now?"

Now that we've voted to Leave, both sides are running around like headless chickens because they haven't got a clue what to do next. Neither side had any sort of strategy planned for such a result, such was their arrogance that we would vote the way they expected us to.

Expect to see in the coming months (although in reality you won't actually 'see it') a deal cobbled together that in effect will mean we will have exactly the same relationship with the EU i.e. full access to the single market, visa free movement for all EU citizens etc. etc. We will also pay in exactly the same amount as we do now, the only difference will be that we won't have any voting rights. I can hear the civil servants now to the EU "look we're really sorry this has happened. We really didn't see this coming. Please can we have exactly the same relationship as before, with no voting rights and don't tell anyone.... ssshhhhhh. You can say you've punished us and we'll stand in the naughty corner for a few months.

What both sides forgot is that through hundreds of years of British history we have never liked being told what to do and we very rarely take the easy route that our European cousins mostly favour.

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