Why Isn't The EU Pleased ?

Apparently the English and Welsh still have some backbone left as we voted to leave the EU on Thursday. I was wrong in thinking that the voters would be swayed by the fear of fire, famine, and pestilence that was put out by the Remain campaign. But why isn't the EU pleased with our decision? I and others like me who voted Leave have just removed the most major obstacle the EU had, the UK. We were always half in and half out of the EU. We didn't want the Euro, the Schengen Zone or the Exchange Rate Mechanism plus we argued and held back the EU on so many other issues. Now they are free to forge ahead with greater union into a Federal Super State that was their intention all along. It's clear therefore that it was our money that was the reason they tolerated us for so long.

Scotland and Northern Ireland also showed their backbone in wanting independence to choose their own destiny which is why we should give them referendums of their own to leave the UK if they wish and forge their own path unshackled from Westminster.

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