Olltwit Theories - Alien Intervention

As a species, humans are different from any other creature on Planet Earth. No other creature has the constant desire for more, an insatiable lust that is never satisfied. No other creature hates or despises other creatures. Only humans kill and exterminate their own kind for greed, power and to control. All other creatures without human intervention, only eat what they need to survive including killing other creatures but only for food and survival.

Our very early ancestors only killed animals for food and then grew plants for eating but they never ploughed more land than they needed and never destroyed areas so they could no longer be used. All the creatures on Earth at that time, including early humans, maintained the careful natural balance of life.

Several thousand years ago, I believe we were visited by an alien species of humanoids. Their own planet was dying, much like our own is dying today. They had destroyed the natural balance through their greed and insatiable lust for more. Maybe they even had nuclear type wars that left their planet uninhabitable but they had reached a stage of development that they were able to travel in space much further than their own planet, as we too are progressing towards. The rich and powerful, of course, were the chosen ones for the limited number of places on possibly just two space ships capable of interstellar flight. They had already identified a planet that had a breathable atmosphere and simple life that they could dominate.

They may very well have set out to be different this time and not to destroy and hate as they realised that this had been their downfall on their own planet. They arrived here and possibly landed near the equator for better temperature in North Africa and Central America. Of course our early inhabitants treated them like Gods and over the years the aliens interbred with our own indigenous humans. The greed and hate within their DNA was passed on and inevitably became dominant in mankind. I suggest the more aggressive, hateful and greedy you are, the more alien DNA you have.

There is a lot of evidence of alien intervention on the planet still to be seen today. The Egyptian pyramids mirrored by the Aztec pyramids on another continent. Their early understandings of cells long before the invention of the microscope. Embalming and preserving methods way before their time. Exact laser like measurements of structures and so on.

This greed and hate will ultimately lead to our own downfall and we will probably launch similar crafts into space looking for another planet to inhabit and therefore start the dreadful cycle all over again. Professor Stephen Hawking has already suggested that our planet will not be able to support mankind in another thousand years. The suggestion that we should create craft and find other planets capable of prolonging the human race is already becoming fact. The question I would ask, is whether we have the right to populate and therefore pollute and damage other worlds in the universe?

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